Teddy's Lunch

Written by Joy Antonio
Illustrated by Joem Antonio

Katie receives a new toy, Teddy, who instantly becomes her best friend. But mom does not have any lunch prepared for Teddy. What will Katie do?

Katie sits at the table. Beside her is Teddy, her new stuffed toy and very best friend, perched on a box which Katie placed on the chair.

Mom serves Katie her birthday request: spaghetti.

"But what will Teddy eat, mom?"

"Stuffed animals don't eat," mom says.

Katie does not believe her mom. What if Teddy goes hungry and runs away?

As soon as mom leaves to get Katie some juice, she scoops up a forkful from her plate and puts it to Teddy's mouth. Teddy continues smiling and won't open his mouth, but he does get spaghetti sauce on his snout.

Mom comes back and sees Teddy dirty. She asks Katie, "what did you do?"

"I gave Teddy some of my birthday spaghetti. But he won't open his mouth!"

"Well, I did tell you that stuffed animals don't eat."

"But what if Teddy goes hungry?"

"Teddy only needs hugs. He'll be fine as long as you hug him ten times a day."

Katie hugs Teddy ten times.

"Teddy is full now," mom says. "Please finish your spaghetti. Then, you and Teddy can take a bath together."

Katie and Teddy get a scrub together in the tub. "Katie needs spaghetti, Teddy needs hugs, but Katie and Teddy both need to take a bath!"


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