Ms. Can-Do-All and the Chili Peppers

Written by Joem Antonio
Illustrated by Ar-Em Bañas

Ms. Can-do-all tells everyone she meets about all that she can do. When somebody thinks she cannot do something, Ms. Can-do-all goes out and does it without question.

One day, Ms. Can-do-all saw a mountain high pile of chili peppers on a plate in Mr. Salesman's store. She overheard someone say, "Nobody can eat that big pile of chili peppers."

"I can!" shouted Ms. Can-do-all as she immediately sat down to eat up all of the chili from the plate.

A fiery tingle spread throughout Ms. Can-do-all's tongue, all the way to the roof of her mouth.

Her cheeks flushed pink as sweat poured out of her, just in time to hide the tears she shed. That was just the first chili pepper.

Ms. Can-do-all wiped the sweat and tears off her face to see everyone, including Mr. Salesman, staring and holding their breaths in anticipation. Ms. Can-do-all's ears went red as she she smiled and proceeded to eat another chili pepper.

Soon, the mountain of chili peppers became a hill, then a plain, until Ms. Can-do-all picked up the last chili pepper with her sweaty crimson hand.

"I told you I could," huffed Ms. Can-do-all to no one in particular.

With her stomach aflame, she hurriedly paid Mr. Salesman for the chili, and then rocketed away as fast as her pepper red feet could carry her... to find the nearest doctor.